YouTuber Filled His Friends Room With Every Single Product From A Dollar Store

Poundland is similar to America’s Dollar Tree or Family Dollar, except instead of everything costing around a dollar it costs a pound.

Well, this YouTuber named TGFbro decided to buy one of every product at Poundland to use to fill his friend’s entire room.

Getting ready for a funny but long video, the highlights are at the beginning where he details what he’s doing, and again at 3:07, 7:45, 9:03, and 10:30.

Imagine renting a van to fill with literally every single item from a Dollar Tree? That’s exactly what this YouTuber did, except at Poundland in the United Kingdom.

Taking all of these items to use in a prank on his friend was hilarious as this YouTuber filled his friend’s room with every product from the value store.



Hilariously the pranked roommate said this was “both of their money” because they run the YouTube account together which made the prank even funnier.

Yelling that this hilarious prank was giving him anxiety the group of people in on the prank simply left the room a complete mess for their roommate.


OneOfEveryProductFromPoundland (2)

A total of £1,642.08 pounds was spent buying every product at Poundland. Jokingly claiming to have spent the most money in a single visit to Poundland, the employees laughed and agreed.

Whats the best prank you’ve ever pulled on your friends?

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OneOfEveryProductFromPoundland (3)