You Don’t Need Any Halloween Costume If You Can ‘Walk’ Like This Girl

This prank is truly great! Give your friends a surprise if you can do so… (I wonder most of people cannot do so though) LOL

We have seen a few backwards crawling (or some name it as ‘exorcist walking’) but none are as fast and natural as this girl. She is just fantastic!

Below are some comments from the internet:

“This has me crying with laughter, holy shit!! I don’t know why it’s so fvcking funny but I can’t breathe. ”

“Cute AND flexible? That’s me fvcking sold.”


“I do not get tired of this video. Haven’t yet anyway.”

“Beautiful, flexible, and has a wicked sense of humor. Who do I sell my soul too?”

“I’m dying with laughter and my wife wants to know wtf is so funny she can’t sleep.”


Here is a longer version of the video which include other pranks done by the girl (and another guy):

Enjoy watching!

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