Worker Hilariously Slips & Slides Down Stairs Like A Water Slide

Steps turned into a crazy water slide for this man as he slipped walking down to the water in a hilarious video that has since gone viral.

Twitter user James Moss planned to make a funny video with his co-workers when the scripted video turned into a viral sensation as Moss slipped and fell down the stairs to the laughter of everyone involved.

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A team-building day to remember, these work colleagues in London will never forget the time they tried to make a funny video – and it worked twice as good as they planned.

Walking down wet and slippery stairs covered in moss, these two men planned to take off their shirts and pretended to go for a dip in the Thames river.



Pretending turned into reality when Moss slipped and fell down the slippery stairs like he was speeding down a bumpy water slide.

Tumbling into the water below, Moss completely soaked himself after losing his balance and slipping on the mossy stairs.


HilariousThamesRiverPrank (2)

Hilarious laughter bellowed out from Moss’ boss recording the funny video and the second man who participated in the video but didn’t slip could hardly contain his laughter as he walked to the top of the stairs away from the steps.

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