When Your Car is Blocked by a Herd of Goats and You Wanna Talk to Them

It is probably frustrating when you are driving in the mountain and blocked by a herd of goats… I mean a lot of goats! Look at the flock in the video, there are thousands of them and you don’t know when they will be done passing by…

Well, why don’t you just talk to them and see how they response? This is what the dude does and you know what he gets back… LOL

“Meh, Meh, Meh”… Nothing but just “Meh”…. and those goats sounds so funny and adorable. They just reply together to whatever you say. Not too bad to kill some time when you are stuck on the road.


Below is another video about sheep/goats responding to human’s voice. Just so lovely they are!

Enjoy watching!


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