Waiter In Charge Of Pouring The Champagne Tower Has The Worst Moment Of His Life

We’ll have one glass of champagne and a whole case of unstoppable disaster, please.

It’s a scene reminiscent of every waiter’s worst nightmare and for one unfortunate server in Russia it became a reality.

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The employee found himself centre stage of the evening’s entertainment after a 400-glass champagne fountain he was filling crashed to the ground.


The fragile tower was half full when one wrong move by the waiter caused a glass at the very top to tip over. With two employees stretching to reach the top of the extravagantly large champagne tower while holding large bottles of champagne it may seem to some like a disaster waiting to happen.

Undeterred by the on-going disaster the string ensemble stoically plays on in a scene one Twitter user likens to the sinking of the titanic.


The pourer holds his hands up in defeat as he realizes there is nothing he can do to stop the doomed tower from falling entirely.

Having attracted the attention of the event’s guests the spectacle raises screams and laughter from on-lookers.

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