Tiny Kitty Scares Off Huge Black Bear When It Jumps Against Window

This is the astonishing moment a tiny cat scared a black bear away from its home when it startled it by pouncing against a window. The clip, filmed in Alaska, captured the territorial feline as it sat poised to jump beside the large door.

On the outside, a black bear sniffed around the closed door, its huge body partially hidden by the centre of the double doors. But before long, the creature appeared in full sight, peering down at the tabby cat. The brave feline sat upright when its foe appeared in the door, the pair staring at each other through the glass for a moment.


But when the bear leaned down to get a closer look at the cat, the feline pounced, throwing its paws up against the glass. The much larger critter then jumped back at the sudden movement running backwards while staring in awe at the small cat.


It ran so rapidly backwards that it fell from the wooden decking it was stood upon plummeting onto the grass below.

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