Tiger cub is Confused Meeting Two Curious Baby Otters

This is the funny moment when tiger cub, Sara, meets his 2 otter friends. She just don’t know how to deal with them. Is it cute and adorable?

Below are some comments from the internet:

“Hello, we are predators too. You eat meat? So do we! Can we chat? And be friends. And do the murderin together?”


“Cute tiger is blissfully unaware of his murderous capabilities.”

“What the fuck are you?!! Maybe if i turn around these water ninjas will disappear…..”


“Cats instinct is to ambush and chase. They want things to run away from them. Animals that approach them will freak them out. It pretty much turns that instinct on its head. This is why you never run away from a mountain lion. You have a better chance of making yourself look as large as possible and making the cat decide that attacking you might pose a risk to itself.”



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