This Tiny Puppy Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued

With a beaming smile stretching from floppy ear to floppy ear, it’s easy to forget seven-week-old Layla had been through a hell of a lot before being rescued.

The beautiful puppy was found running around in traffic all by herself when Beaumont Animal Care, Texas found her.

At first, Layla was a nervous little thing, understandably overwhelmed by her new surroundings. But once she’d settled in and felt safe, she delighted carers by offering a gorgeous grin.


The smile on her sweet face looked so very genuine and heartfelt, reaching her sparkling brown eyes. It appeared as if she wanted to thank her new friends at Beaumont Animal Care for looking after her.

Struck by Layla’s joyful expression, veterinary technician Rachel Barron knew she had to spread her happiness with the world, sharing a too-adorable-to-be-allowed clip of the pup on social media.


Dog lovers worldwide melted at the sight of the happy little puppy, and it wasn’t long before a loving family came along to offer Layla – and her positive mindset – a forever home.

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