This Smart Pit Bull Knows How to Say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ to Owner

What a clever dog!

With man’s best friend easily recognized as one of the most intelligent mammals on earth, it’s not surprising to see them do a few impressive tricks. But what sets them apart from other canines is their special ability to mimic human behavior.

Pit bulls have gained a bad reputation for being savage attack dogs with aggressive behavior. But I’m sure dog owners would agree that no matter what type of breed you have, a pooch’s behavior will depend on how you raise them. Good thing Czr was raised by smart owners.


Czr may be the only dog that can communicate with his human by nodding or shaking his head to deliver yes or no answers, and his owner has trained him also to raise awareness about Czr’s breed and put an end to its discrimination.


Czr would definitely say a resounding yes to this.

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