This Dog Can Run Over 30 Miles Per Hour, How About Yours?

Is this a “Westworld” robot dog? Because that’s our only possible explanation. RIP postman.

In an incredible video, a five-year-old Doberman Pinscher named Xena runs alongside her owner’s car. Xena is clearly very obedient, as she waits for her owner’s commands to start the race in Bakersfield, California.

A speedy dog has showed just how fast she can run.


The video starts with Xena sitting at attention outside of the car with her tongue wagging. The owner gives the command ‘okay’ and revs up her engine as Xena takes off.

The pup darts off in a straight line, running for about 20 seconds and reaching up to 30mph. At one point, Xena is far ahead of the car and the owner has to press on the gas even harder to catch up.


Xena’s owner said she has trained her furry companion not to go in the streets. To end the race, Xena’s owner simply says ‘wait’, and the pup slows down to meet her human at the finish line.

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