Teen Spots “Unicorns” & More WhileHigh After Wisdom Teeth Operation

There’s plenty of hilarious videos that show kids reacting in wild ways after getting their wisdom teeth removed. High from the medication, these kids can’t help themselves but it sure makes for some comedic videos.

Posted below is probably the funniest reaction to this medication from a teenager named Jack after he had his wisdom teeth removed.

I’m leaking right now… the pipe are going…”

Jack was an emotional wreck after the operation on his wisdom teeth. The medication had him “leaking” all over the place and hilariously jumping back and forth between subjects while talking.

Jack even mistook his mother for his twin sister… even though he doesn’t have a sister.



“Look at those flags… they look good when they’re “wooing” in the wind.” 

Delusional from the medicine, poor Jack hilariously thought that the “leakage” from his tears “built the ocean.”

Then suddenly Jack would change from a totally emotional and upset state to happy-go-lucky, waving at pedestrians walking past.


WisdomTeethReacton (2)

From walking on water to spotting unicorns, Jack appeared to have a wild ride while high on his medication from the surgery.

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