Talented 2-Year-Old Can Sing Way Better Than You Can

The Beatles are one of the most iconic bands ever and their music gets played daily around the world.

But I bet father and son duo can sing Beatles songs better than the average person can. The kicker? This kid is only two years old.

Scroll down to watch this adorable rendition of Don’t Let Me Down. 

Obviously, this two-year-old boy is a future rocker in the making.

Both father and son had their own guitars and both sang parts of the song Don’t Let Me Down, the two-year-old son even kicked off the song with the first verse!


Both musicians sounded great, for being only two years old and being able to sing as well as he can is impressive.

Even the father of this Beatles cover-band duo sounded much better than the average singer would.

2YearOldBeatle (2)

I don’t think I could have sung that song any better myself. Obviously, this kid was meant to be a musician, hopefully, he keeps up the good work when he gets older!

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