Supercooled Bottles of Water in 14F Alaskan Winter Turn Instantly to Ice Only When Banged on a Table

Two unopened bottles of water left in sub-zero temperatures during Alaskan winter has demonstrated one of the incredible quirks of physical science. Roderick Koop, from Anchor Point, Alaska, filmed the moment he turned water to ice in one fell swoop.

He found two bottles of liquid water in his loft that had not frozen, despite temperatures plunging to lows of -10°C (14°F). The water had become ‘supercooled’ below its freezing point of 0°C (30°F). When Mr Koop banged the bottle against his table he recorded the incredible moment the entire liquid froze instantaneously.


The 60-year-old found two unopened bottles of water in his loft which had been left over from last summer and hadn’t frozen. He stumbled across the remarkable effect of thermodynamics when he knocked one over and watched it ice over upon hitting the floor.


The Alaskan native decided to see if the same thing would happen with the second bottle. After reaching for his camera he smacked the bottle and watched the ice form.

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