Some People Just Aren’t Destined to Be NBA Superstars, LOL

Some may think: how come he can miss all the shots?
(BTW, don’t miss out the version with funny effects at the bottom of this page.)

Appearently, the boy is not very talneted in playing basketball. He keep throwing the ball but they all miss. At the end he makes a slam dunk, well, because the basket has been lowered to his shoulder’s level…

He definitely is annoyed by his bad luck and he pushed the bascketball rack hard… and is then knocked down by the rebounce. What a bad day!

This kid is not having the skill OR he is just having bad luck…


Some funny comments from the internet below:

“Dog: You suck”

“Love how the dog came in to talk a little shit in his ear while he was in the ground.”


“I was hoping for the dog pissing on him at the end to complete the tragedy.”

Below is another version with added effects:

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