Sleeping Chinese Girl Gets Brake Checked by Her Boyfriend

She gets folded up like a well used map.

Some girls have a lot of luck to get to know their dream man in their lives. In the majority, however, you have to adjust to men, some things need to be adapted. Many say that understanding and patience are the keys to a successful and long relationship.

This is hilarious!


The girl in the video must bear boyfriend’s very special outbursts. In this video, he pulled a prank on her while driving a car.

When his girlfriend fell asleep on the front passenger’s seat, he took the opportunity and brake checked while driving. Since she was not strapped with a seat belt, she was “folded up like a well used map” and the video was already getting viral online.


She stayed stuck for several seconds, he shouts to her boyfriend probably asking for help but boyfriend just laughs at her until the video cuts.

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