Pup Has Amazing Skills Stalking on Cat, His Act is Just Great!

The pup is so adorable trying to follow / stalk the cat in front of him. After being caught, he acts like he is not doing so, just sit there and scratch his ears.

There are some theories for the pup’s behavior. Below is quoted from reddit:

The pup is practicing appeasement behavior, also known as giving calming signals or submission. The pup is communicating that he is not a danger and means no harm. This is instinct to keep harmony among groups and to keep from getting beat up. It’s very cute and useful!


Dogs also use these signals on humans- they mean “don’t hurt me.” Whenever you see posts where the dog supposedly feels “guilty” they are just throwing appeasement signals because the human is mad and the dog doesn’t want to get hurt.

If you want to better understand our best friends fascinating body language, this is a good article.


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