Poor Squirrel Gets His Nuts Caught In The Fence!

This must be a scary experience to him…

A squirrel had to be rescued after he was bizarrely trapped in a fence by his crown jewels after his balls swelled up.

The creature’s painful experience was captured on video by a stunned – yet sympathetic – bloke, who admitted: “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.”

David Prince was taking a stroll with his son on Monday when he found the unfortunate rodent clinging desperately to a wooden barrier.


In video footage, the squirrel can be seen frantically trying to turn around and escape, clawing desperately at the fence panels. His paws can also be seen trying to free his trapped nuts – but they were too swollen to shift easily.


Prince decided to try and rescue the animal, explaining later: “I used a stick to pry his nuts up to the top of the fence. I broke one stick trying, and we also tried to pry the fence apart. He ran off into the bushes and we haven’t seen him since.”

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