Polish Girl Gets Absolutely Smashed with Mud In a Dirt Bike Interview

The Polish presenter got the rough end of this interview. Dirt bikes are known for kicking up mud, and this lady was stuck in a bad spot after getting rejected by her interview subject. She should have stood back but it was too little too late.

Milea Mazur, a motocross rider herself, is seen asking a competitor during a race in Lidzbark Warminski, Poland how it had gone.

After a short response, the rider takes off, splashing a significant amount of mud all over Miss Mazur.


Miss Mazur, 19, was reporting from an enduro race – a long-distance off-road motor cycle race which can last up to a day.

Video footage shows rider Grzesiek Kargul drive up beside her, and she asks him how the race went. He replies: ‘It was super, but I have to go’.


Miss Mazur smiles as he takes off, but it is soon wiped off her face when Mr Kargul’s bike throws up a heap of mud. She stumbles off with her face, hair and body covered in mud.

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