Pet Owner Leaves A Camera On To See What Her Dog And Cat Do After She Left Home

If you you absolutely have to leave your adorable, affectionate fur balls at home when you leave for work every day, you might as well set up a camera to see what you missed.

Especially when what you’re missing is a beautiful inter-species snuggle session on the couch.

The pet owner had set up an Amazon Cloud Camera to check what her pets were up to when she left the house for the day.


In the footage, Joule the dog jumps onto the sofa and settles down in front of the camera. Before long, Kelvin the cat hops up to join her – rubbing his head against the anxious mutt’s body before lying down next to her.

The pair then curl up together as they wait for their owner to return home.


So tender, so pure, so perfect. This video is 8 hours too short. We could watch this cuddle cam all day.

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