Pet Bird Finds Out The Best Place To Take A Nap Is On His Owner’s Keyboard

What a strange bird…

Animals often find comfort in strange places. Cats, for example, can be found snoozing in a cardboard box, bowl and sometimes even a kettle. But a bird looked a little cuckoo after it was found sleeping in a bizarre backward position on a keyboard. The cuckoo was seen slumbering on the keys, lying on its back with its feet up.

The tiny flyer, the length of the S key to the L key, seemed too still at one point but slowly took deep breaths again. Owner of the bird, Nguyen Anh Duy, posted the video on Viral Hog after she was alarmed by her pet’s position. Miss Duy, who goes by Vaness Do on her Youtube channel where she posts videos of her cuckoo, has been documenting the bird’s moves on the platform.


The 37-second clip shows the bird sleeping with its eye open, which is not uncommon for the species. They can sleep with one eye open and half of their brain awake, research has found.


The move, unihemispheric slow-wave sleep (USWS) is a survival mechanism. It allows birds to detect approaching predators while still getting a bit of shut-eye. Sea animals also have USWS, such as dolphins, seals and manatees, which lets them sleep and swim to the surface to breathe.

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