Office Worker Cuts 1 Hour Commute To 6 Minutes By Paddling Across The River

29-year-old Liu Fucao’s office is on the north bank of the river, but he lives on the south bank. It used to take him an hour to drive to work through rush hour traffic. Now it takes him only 6 minutes.

Following his vigorous paddle, Liu comes ashore, pulls his suit jacket out of water proof backpack, puts on his shoes and socks and heads to his office with his paddle board under his arm.


Liu, who works in an insurance company, is a professional paddleboarder and a member of volunteer rescue squad. He’d like to remind everyone that this method of commuting for work isn’t for everyone and should only be taken with experience and a waterproof backpack.


Liu said he has been commuting on his high-tech stand up paddle board for six months. “It’s little more than 1,000 meters [across the river], but if I drive my car I have to take detours to get to work,” Liu said.

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