Napping Teen Locked In A Car At Walmart Could Sleep Through A Tornado

Waiting in the car listening to music while her mom ran errands, this teenager managed to nap so hard the police had to be called.

Riding shotgun and napping with the chair reclined all the way, this girl had a wake-up call unlike any other as the police helped her mother unlock the car door.

Honking horns loudly, constantly knocking on the windows, and even yelling would not wake this teenager napping in her mother’s locked car.

Police were eventually called to assist this mother with unlocking the car door.



Once inside the SUV it still took a few good shakes for this mother to wake up her daughter.

“Savi, look around, we had to call the police to open the car.”

Completely oblivious as she woke up, this girl looked confused until a sheepish smile spread across her face, likely embarrassed that she caused such a scene.


CarSleeper (2)

The cop who unlocked the door joked that he was happy to help and was, “…glad [the girl] got a good nap.”

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