Mother Goose Figures Out A Brilliant Way To Save Her Chicks From A Hunting Leopard

It can’t be easy being a bird with chicks in a place where lions, leopards, hyenas, and wild dogs roam. But for one smart goose at South Africa’s Sabi Sand Game Reserve, a little theatrics go a long way.

The thespian is an Egyptian goose, and as you can see in the video clip the bird expertly outsmarts a leopard.

The leopard in questions appears to have happened upon the family – two parents and their four chicks – while heading to the water for a drink.


So the leopard spies the chicks, the parents start freaking out. It lures the leopard away by pretending to be hurt, signaling to the cat that it might be an easy catch. Making all kinds of commotion, dragging its wing, the leopard changes focus from chicks to the adult.


While all the drama is going on, two of the chicks and one of the parents head to the safety of the water.

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