Moment Short Mom Tips Up While Putting Baby in The Crib

A Dallas, Texas mother learned just how big her child had grown in the funniest way. The woman is seen in a nighttime vision video comforting her child at bedtime as she sits on a chair in the nursery.

After rocking the toddler to sleep and deciding to attempt to slowly putting the little one down for the night, things soon went awry. The petite mother stands with her son still resting on her chest then heads over to the crib. Her boy stays in a slumber as she carefully steps around an ottoman and moves towards the wall.


But as she places the youngster in the secured cot, she surprisingly ends up in there too. ‘This video took place when I was trying to put my sleeping 30 pound 2-year-old in the crib,’ she told ViralHog. ‘I am only 5 feet tall!’ The woman tiptoes to get her arms as close to the bottom of the cot as possible but the move sends her upside down. She ends up with both her legs straight up in the air, causing her dress to fly up.


It’s a wonder how the small woman managed to get back out without alarming her little one. She revealed that after the video from August 2018 cuts off, her child did indeed wake and looked at her and had no clue what had happened. ‘Needless to say, I went straight over the rail and was left hanging on the crib while my son woke up and stared at me,’ she admitted.

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