Mime Artist Les Bubb Shows How it is Done, Literally Neglecting Laws of Physics

Mime may be considered as old-school these days with most media nowadays comes with fancy computer graphics, VR/AR effects and digital sounds… etc.

However, this guy in the video shows you how great a mime show can be and it is still very entertaining to watch. Don’t you agree?

The part that he is pushing the balloon is blowing our minds, he literally defy the laws of physics! The balloon looks so heavy and so hard to push!

Some comments from the internet:

“Im watching his feet and he’s just selling it for me. His foot movement is very convincing that the balloon is as heavy as he exaggerates”


“Damn, that was the first time I’ve actually enjoyed mime.”

“I watched this when it was aired, it’s a British show called Room 101 where the 3 people on the left choose something to put in room 101 (ie banish from existence). The woman in the blue blazer said mime’s for the same reason as you, because she’s never been impressed by them. This guy proved her wrong and she changed her opinion.”


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