Marmot As Fast As Greased Lightning Races Mountain Biker

Meet the lightning-quick marmot who looks like he’s training for the next Tour de France as he outran mountain biker Mickaël Bimboes in the Swiss Alps.

Running like greased lightning through the biking trails, this marmot tried his best to escape this mountain biker following him.

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Biking with incredible views all around, mountain biker Mickaël Bimboes got himself an incredible video when he started chasing a marmot running on a biking trail.

Speeding away, this marmot managed to nearly keep pace with this biker who obviously slowed down behind the marmot.



Running at breakneck speeds made it look like this marmot was preparing for the Tour de France.

Obviously, this spooked marmot was terrified and trying to get away from any potential predators.

Taking a path less travelled, this rodent finally escaped the biker following behind him.


MarmotRun (2)

Dodging away from this biker, this marmot was eventually followed as Bimboes went off-roading to try to follow the rodent speedster but couldn’t find him.

That certainly was a once in a lifetime encounter for mountain biker Bimboes.

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MarmotRun (3)