Man Scares Away A Moose By Tossing A Kitty At It

A terrified man decided that enough was enough after a wild moose went on a rampage in a Russian city after wandering from a nearby forest.

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Oktyabrsky is the town that paid host to an unusual and unfriendly visitor that went on a rampage. The wild moose appears to have been separated from its mother before it found itself in the middle of the city center. Terrified given the unusual surroundings, the scared moose inflicted significant damage on any cars that were in its way and also chased some people.


After charging into one building where a crowd of people were jeering, a man suddenly threw his black cat at the moose and triggered a reaction that no one could imagine.

Sensing danger, the wild moose retreated as the black cat fell to the ground. In a video captured by bystanders, the scared animal is seen fleeing away as people sensed a window of opportunity to chase it away.


The moose was later cornered, caught and driven out of the city back into the forest.

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