Magician Andy Gross Rips His Assistant’s Head Off During New Live Magic Trick

A new magic trick by the magician Andy Gross has been shocking people in the streets and online.

It’s quite a unique trick, which may make you scream in horror or simply shocked and confused. Gross uses a human attendant to perform this particular trick in public. He approaches his attendant and starts an argument before putting a black bag over their head.

When he rips off the bag he “takes” the woman’s head with him leaving the public shocked and confused. See for yourself:


Andy Gross is a former professional racquetball player turned all-around stage performer. Gross does many different types of performances on the stage including magic, ventriloquism, stand-up comedy, and illusionism.

One of his last well known stunts was his illusionist trick called the “split-man,” which you may remember back in 2013.


HeadTaken (2)


This new video displays a new trick that is far more shocking when he takes his attendants head off in the middle of public.

The shocking magic trick is shown multiple times throughout the video above. Gross approaches his attendant in a public place before engaging in an arranged argument.




Soon after the argument starts Gross puts a black bag over his attendants head and wraps his hands around her head. After a short twisting motion Gross takes the black off his attendants head and runs away, “stealing” the woman’s head.

People in the video react in a range of ways, from complete shock to shrill screams. That equals one successful magic trick.


HeadTaken (3)