Little Leaguer Runs In Slow Motion To Home Plate After Being Told To “Run Fast”

This little leaguer has taken the world by storm with his hilarious slow-motion home run to home plate during a T-ball game.

At only 3-years-old this Walnut Pony Baseball league “FOAL” team has a rising superstar named Lennox Salcedo.

Watch this tiny kid enjoy his 15-minutes of fame, not even his coach could stop him from his funny slow-motion sprint.

When it was time for Salcedo to sprint home his father and coach urged him to run as fast as he could. Salcedo took this message quite the opposite as he ran as slow as humanly possible.

Getting halfway to home plate his father tried giving him a gentle push to finish with some speed. This sassy 3-year-old brushed his father off and owned the spotlight, finishing like he started: as slow as a tortoise.


This hilarious 3-year-old comedian has spread like wildfire around the internet and social media websites.

The Walnut Pony Baseball League will be hosting the International World Series for the mustang-division for 9-year-old players in July.

Lennox has officially kick-started that tournament by single-handedly putting the Southern California league on the map with his hilarious antics during his ironic dash to home plate.

LittleLeaguerSlowmoRunHome (2)

Lennox owned the moment and it has had some people posting on Twitter urging for Ellen Degeneres to host the family on her show.

I don’t know if Ellen has enough time for this kid to run onto the stage and off again, it may eat into her TV shows commercial times.

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