Lion Finds Itself Cornered By Hyenas, Desperately Tries To Call In Backup

Disney’s marketing team is working overtime because we’re almost certain this exact scene unfolds in “The Lion King.”

These hyenas at Kruger National Park were not to have the last laugh on this occasion after they picked on somebody twice their size, and with plenty of options to call for back-up.

Sensational footage captured by 19-year-old student Amber Soames shows the moments after a wildebeest was killed, and the predators circled around its dead carcass. At first, things seemed pretty amiable, with the lion’s share going to… well, the lion.


But then the hyenas got some ideas above their stations. They attempted to pick a fight with their feline rival, realizing that they had numbers on their side. There were at least half-a-dozen of the critters trying to bite the lion’s rear and attempting to take a chunk from its legs.


Within a minute, we see two other lions dashing to the scene. They pick up the pace and charge towards the once-confident hyenas, scaring them off.

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