Lighting Fireworks Goes Hilariously Wrong For Terry & Malfunctioning Wheel-Chair

Poor Terry, this dude just wanted to light fireworks off in the middle of the street when his wheel-chair malfunctioned at the last second.

“Put it in reverse Terry! Put it in reverse!” 

Scroll down to watch Terry and his friend’s hilarious reaction to his up close and personal fireworks show.

Haha, Poor man…

Patiently waiting for a couple cars to drive past, Terry then leaned down to light the fireworks with the help of a friend/relative to get the 4th of July celebrations started.

The box of fireworks started to explode and shoot off in the air at the same time Terry’s electric wheel-chair appeared to malfunction.



“Put it in reverse, Terry!” 

Yelling for Terry to “put it in reverse,” the hilarious man recording this video couldn’t help but laugh as the fireworks started to shoot into the air right beside Terry.

Everybody was laughing, including Terry, as he finally managed to drive his wheel-chair through the smoke of the fireworks.


FireworkTerry (2)

“Oh lord! Oh Jesus! Wh-wh-what you doin’ Terry?!” 

The funny commentary only enhanced the comedy of this video and luckily Terry escaped the fireworks with a smile plastered on his face.

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FireworkTerry (3)