Labrador Runs Off and Returns With Another Dog And Goat The Day After

Ah, to be a dog owner. Dogs are great pets, great companions, great animals. But – unsurprisingly – they often do whatever the hell they want whenever they want to.

One dog in Kansas gave its owners the surprise of a lifetime when, after running off one night and not appearing until the following day, it returned with another dog and a goat in tow.


I believe it was the beginning of some sort of animal runaway gang, like when kids threaten to run away and get to the bottom of the road before realizing they’re cold and hungry and just go home again, only with two dogs and a goat.


Thankfully, the Labrador’s owner, Kyle Krier and his wife got their dog Bo back, and it seems like they’ve also acquired another dog and a goat in the process – it must’ve been a cold night, they all jumped in Kyle’s truck without any real hesitation!

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