Kitty Refuses To Let Go Of Firefighter Who Rescued Her From California Fire

A firefighter who rescued a cat from a wildfire in California has gone viral after images of him and his new four-legged pal were shared online.

Ryan Coleman, Engine Captain at Fairview Valley Fire Department, shared a clip of himself with the cat refusing to let go of him after he rescued her near to the site of the deadly Paradise wildfires.

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Despite bringing the feline to safety, Ryan explained that she clung on anyway. Cute? Very. But practical? Not so much. Ryan had to carry out the rest of his job with the cat still hanging on to him. In the clip, he can be heard saying: “Let’s go for a walk. Where are we going? We’re walking around.”


The kitty looks absolutely delighted to be hanging with Ryan, rubbing her face against his and kneading at him with her little paws.


In a caption alongside his video, Ryan wrote: “Kitty rescue. She just chilled on my neck and shoulders as I’d walk around.”

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