Incredible Moment a ‘Goalkeeper’ Dog Saves a Goal During a Shootout

An unsuspecting dog found himself the center of attention after wandering onto a football pitch and saving a goal during a penalty shootout. The little dachshund dog appears from behind the net just as the striker is preparing to shoot at the goal during the match in Brazil.

Completely unaware of the important moment, the sausage dog walks out into the goal and takes the full force of the football as it’s aimed at the corner. A loud thud and bark from the dog can be heard on the short clip as the footballers shout in the background. The goalkeeper, who had dived to the opposite corner, is seen getting back onto his feet as the little dog tries to run away.


As the keeper gets up and walks towards the unlucky striker, he looks behind him for the pup but its already disappeared. The person recording the video can be heard loudly laughing after the unusual save clearly surprised at what’s just happened.


Players on the pitch can also be seen standing in the centre and talking, also unsure what to do next. It is not known what happened to the pup after the game.

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