Hilarious Moment Wildlife Photographer Trapped Under Curious Baby Elephant Seals

“Before she knew it, she was being squashed by several of these 100kg+ adorable animals, snuffling, burping and sniffing all over her. The hazards of being a wildlife photographer!”

While you’re not supposed to approach the locals, it’s a different story when they come up to you!

Recent footage uploaded by Viral Hog features one wildlife photographer who can definitely say she received the “seal” of approval from a few South Georgia Island locals!


The clip, recorded by the snuggler’s husband, shows three elephant seals getting into position for their close-ups. According to the two photographers, they were snapping a few pictures of some nearby king penguins when the friendly seals decided to approach.


Despite the seals weighing in at approximately 100 kilograms each, the woman appears unfazed by their mass as she stays still and giggles.

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