Hilarious Moment an Owl Intimidates a Cat to Give Up Its Seat on The Couch

You don’t want to be there when the wings come out.

This is the hilarious moment that a bully of an owl intimidates a cat to give up its seat on the couch.

The footage, filmed by its giggling owner, shows the cat minding its own business, with the large owl standing behind it. The cat looks anxiously over its shoulder as the owl lightly pecks him before the pair, now motionless, face off.


The angered cat turns over on to its back with its folded paws ready to fight back as the owl prods it. The cat fires back with its left and right paws which connect with the bird’s face.

But the winged assailant refuses to back down and opens its enormous wings before flapping them wildly in the cat’s face.


The cat then decides that it has lost the battle as one final kick from the owl pushes it off the sofa and to safety.

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