Harvey The Cat Gets Mesmerized By Kid’s Hot Wheels Race Track At Christmas

Harvey, a cat from Gloucester, MA, became hypnotized after his owner’s children received a Hot Wheels racetrack for Christmas.

At first Harvey was simply mesmerized by the speed of the toy cars as they raced around the track. But soon after Harvey decided to join in on the fun, attempting to chase the cars as they raced around their continuous loop.


The track consists of four looping sub-tracks that all are connected at either end via a central power hub, that launches the cars on the track at high speeds.

For Hot Wheels cars this is simply a way to keep the momentum of the toy car going automatically without having to manually interfere.




Since the four sub-tracks form perfect cat-sized loops, Harvey decided to chase the cars by sitting inside the track.

This fat cat tried to jump back and forth between the separate loops in an attempt to catch the speeding Hot Wheels cars, but is never successful.


HarveyTheCatAttacks (2)


Harvey’s head appears to be spinning in circles trying to keep his eye’s on the speeding toy cars.

The two children can be heard saying gleefully in the background, “It’s like a cat toy! It’s like a cat toy!”

Maybe someday Harvey will learn how to catch his speeding inanimate prey.


HarveyTheCatAttacks (3)