Guys Serenading People at Red Light are So Sweet and Warm!

“Your Morning Commute Will Never Be the Same After This…”, quoted from the title of the video.

Yea… these guys are doing some thing different! They surprises people stopped at a red light with a song sung just for them. Traffic on the road may get you down, but these guys are there to cheer you up!

Below are some comments from the internet:

“the bus driver was so cute when he started dancing:))”

“If this had happened to me when I was working, my hour long commute would’ve been much easier”


“This should be a thing. Think of how many bad days can be turned good by making people smile and laugh…especially during rush hour.”

“Outstanding! I’m afraid I would be one of those apprehensive drivers, but this helps me appreciate what’s really inside people. This video makes me a little less skeptical of the world and all its wonderfully weird people!”


“I know that guy in the trucks day was definitely brightened, after his response to ‘how is your day’ compared to that big smile.”


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