Grandma Has To Be Saved After Posing For Photo On ‘Ice Throne’

Move over Elsa, there’s a new ice queen in town – a grandma whose risky photo pose nearly left her stranded at sea on a giant piece of ice.

Judith Streng from Texas was visiting Jökulsárlón Lagoon in Iceland with her son Rod Streng when she spotted a throne-shaped ice block.


Doing what anyone else would do, she jumped at the opportunity and decided to take a seat, while Rod got out his phone to capture the perfect holiday snap.

What the pair didn’t predict was the giant wave that hit and dislodged Judith’s perch – just moments after smiling for the camera, she found herself being carried off to sea while still sat atop the ice.


Thankfully, a boat captain named Randy Lacount was nearby when the ice drifted off and he was able to bring Judith back to the shore before it was too late.

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