Golden Retriever Catches a Huge Fish and Drags It Out of a Lake

This golden retriever just wants to play, but, unfortunately for the fish, that means dog-teeth-to-fish-face contact.

A playful Golden Retriever caught a catfish in its jaws and dragged it from the depths of a lake. The footage, filmed in Saltillo, Mississippi, captured Rani the dog as she stood knee-deep in water.

Rani remained motionless as a school of huge catfish swam around her, staring ahead at the gathered fish.


The Golden Retriever watched the creatures for a few moments longer before taking the opportunity to pounce.

She grabbed a catfish in her jaws, walking backwards with it as it splashed desperately in the water. But with the fish firmly in her mouth, Rani was able to drag the creature out of the lake and onto a grass bank.


The catfish then began to flail wildly, kicking its tail as it attempted to move back towards the water. Rani made no effort to seize the fish again, however, watching curiously as it re-entered the lake.

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