Girl Playing VR Game Accidentally Drops A Grenade And Makes A Run For It

The empathetic pain is strong. This is the hilarious moment a girl wearing a virtual reality headset runs head-first into a wall after dropping a grenade in her friend’s game.

The video, shot somewhere in California, sees the girl panic after accidentally tossing the explosive at her virtual feet in the first-person shooter.

She spins around and sprinted directly into a fireplace while trying to make a run for it with the headset still on.


Ricardo Gonhin had invited his female friend round to try out his VR games for the first time. Another woman could be seen helping the girl put the headset on and placing the sensor controllers in her hands.

The man and woman try to coach her through playing the game. They can be heard saying: ‘Reach to your waist and grab the grip button – and then pull it away.’


The girl tentatively moved her arms around, apparently trying to pull a grenade from her inventory and throw it. But she fumbles and accidentally drops it at her feet, prompting the man and woman to shout: ‘No! No! She just threw it’

The girl panics and runs directly into the wall, causing Ricardo to drop his camera and shout: ‘Holy s***’! Oh my god!’

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