Girl Attempts What The Fluff Challenge, Goes Horribly Wrong

For the most part, our canine pals are notoriously clumsy and as such are able to make us laugh on an almost daily basis. But this time, it’s the dog’s owner who has everyone laughing when her attempt at the ‘What the Fluff’ challenge fails drastically.

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The dog is waiting patiently in front of the blanket staring at his owner, wondering what’s going on. She then teases him, pulling the blanket up to hide her face and back down to show she’s still there.


Then comes the pièce de résistance. The next time she drops the blanket, she’s supposed to run through the door to her right, therefore hiding from her dog and confusing it.


Instead though, she misses and launches straight into the wall, smacking her face and body into it at quite some force. She falls to the floor laughing, as does the person holding the camera which pans to the floor.

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