Funny Moment Women Are Caught Brazenly Admiring Basketball Star Louis Williams Court Side

How dare you are… LOL

Love is in the air or so one lustful fan was hoping. An amusing clip shows two women watching Los Angeles Clippers guard Louis Williams at a Friday game when one makes a rather explicit gesture to the player’s backside. As Williams walks out-of-bounds and bends over, during the team’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies, the girl clad in a black and white striped shirt makes her move.





The brash woman puts her finger in her mouth and proceeds to make ax explicit gesture in the direction of Williams’s derriere. Her blonde friend, dressed in a royal blue suede shirt, looks and her eyes bulge at the sight. People on Twitter quickly made note of the gesture and had plenty to say about it. ‘Get out part 2,’ said Daniel Martinez referencing the critically acclaimed suspense-horror film ‘Get Out.’ One user shared a gif of a cat having a shocked reaction, referencing the other woman, and added: ‘The lady on the left…..’



Her reaction sparked confusion in many on Twitter, with one user asserting: ‘Looks like the girl next to her didnt even get wtf she was trying to do, awkward.’ Former model Melissa Stetten hit the nail on the head and added: ‘Hey @TeamLou23 I think this girl wants to put her finger in your butt?’



Williams would put up 40 total points and have 10 total assist in the game that saw the Clippers come ahead of the Grizzlies 90-78.



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