Funny Moment a Little Girl Trying to Move Backward and Sit on a Chair

This is a funny moment captured on video a little girl learning to sit on chair. She is moving backward towards a chair on the floor, just like someone doing a reverse park! She takes a few small steps at a time and checks if she has arrived the ‘destination’ carefully.

However, just at the point where she almost get to the chair, she makes an epic mistake by turning 360 degree and ends up sitting on the ground just beside the chair. This funny vid just make my day!


Below are a few comments from the internet:

“That heartbreaking moment at the end when she’s like ‘oh there it is, now I’ll get it!’ …. Nope!”

“Holy crap. This is exactly where AI is now. We are screwed in 10 years”

“Her parents are going to have fun teaching her to blow her nose.”

“Almost assuredly will translate to her parking and driving.”


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