Footage Shows Correct Way To Eat A Pineapple And People Are Perplexed

To date, deciding whether to have pineapple on a pizza is probably the most important question there is regarding the tropical plant. But now, it appears another question has emerged with regards to the spiky fruit, and it concerns how you eat it.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have been chopping up pineapple into little pieces in order to eat the fruit in the least messy way. It might take ages but it’s the right way to do it, right?

Wrong, because a video has emerged which shows the ‘correct’ way to eat the fruit – and it has left people shook.


Originally shared on TikTok by user Dillon Roberts, the video shows someone pulling out sections of the pineapple by the skin, piece-by-piece, after slicing off the top.


Incredible, right? Who knew that pulling at the skin towards the centre of the fruit could give you perfectly-sized pyramid-shaped pieces, without even needing a knife?!

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