Female Tourist Grabs Onto Distressed Seagull to Free It From Plastic Wound

This is the heartwarming moment a tourist frees a seagull she found with a length of plastic around its neck. Tara Russell spotted the distressed bird when on holiday in St Pete Beach, Florida over New Year.

But instead of simply walking past, she decided to launch a rescue mission to save the seagull.

The clip, posted to Facebook by Emily Eleanor Krause, captures Ms Russell as she stands on a wooden pillar at the end of the pier. She holds the distressed seagull and attempts to untangle a length of plastic from around its neck as a friend holds a towel beside her.


The camerawoman said: ‘Alright Tara! Save it!’ Ms Russell then jumps down from the pillar as she twists the plastic over the bird’s head and the animal flaps its wings in panic. The tourist struggles with the material for a few moments longer before she finally tugs it from the seagull’s head.


Ms Russell then lifts the bird into the air and watches as it flies away across the water. The camerawoman shouts ‘You’re welcome!’ after the animal as it disappears. Ms Krause, who posted the video on January 2, wrote on social media: ‘Tara Russell saving birds all 2019 boys!! ‘DON’T LITTER.’

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