Fearless Doggo Shows 2 Lions Who’s Boss in Tanzanian Savannah

Lions are famously known as the king of the jungle. However, one small pooch attempted to overthrow their rule as he confronted a pair of big cats while strolling through a Tanzanian savannah in East Africa.

The clip shows one fearless dog run up to them with confidence as he barked and wagged his tail at the lion and lioness, who were believed to be having their business before being interrupted.

At first the duo seems uninterested in the dog’s attempt to greet them, however moments later it leaps towards the bewildered lion.


Clearly shocked by the canine’s boldness, the lion stumbles back as the dog continues to jump at him.

The dog then appears to decide that he may have bitten off more than he can chew, slowly backing away from the lion.


He can be seen trotting off into the distance as the bemused lions stare after him as he makes his getaway.

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