Father Trains Pet Dog To Supervise Daughter As She Does Homework

A father in Guiyang, Guizhou province train their pet to supervise his daughter while she writes her homework.

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The man decided to train their pet mongrel to ‘supervise’ the school girl while she writes her homework at their home in Guiyang, Guizhou province as she wouldn’t stop looking at her phone.


Adorable footage shows the cream-coloured pooch standing on its hind legs, hovering strictly over the schoolgirl as she completes her assignments on a coffee table.

The father said: “It’s very well-behaved. I have been training it since it was a pup and now it does whatever I tell it to do. I pointed at the coffee table and told it to watch my daughter as she does her homework. It would then guard her and make sure she doesn’t reach for her phone.”


In the footage, the diligent dog is seen staring intently at the girl like a strict teacher. Another clips shows another dog joining in on the ‘supervision crew’ and watching the schoolgirl.

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