Family Drift on Icy River For Fun, Get What They Want!

A driver in Wujiaqu, China, learned a big lesson this week — driving on ice is never a good idea. When the daring group started purposely drifting, the frozen river quickly caved in under the weight of their car. After screaming their shock away, luckily they were all able to safely exit the car unharmed.

In the dash-cam video, shot in Wujiaqu City in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on February 12, the car drifts for a while on the frozen river before running onto some thin ice that starts breaking underneath them, after a woman says: “Let’s go back. I am scared.”


Then the scared woman screams continuously and says “Run away quick!” In another clip, rescuers try to take out the car that is frozen in the river. Fortunately, all family members climbed out onto the shore in time.


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