Dude Tries To Take His Sweatshirt Off On A Treadmill, Quickly Regrets It

It’s fitting that a Buffalo Bills sweatshirt would lead to such a bad result.

This not so bright man tried to take off his hoodie while running on a treadmill, and he failed hard. He legit flew for a second. Not sure why he didn’t take his hoodie off first before running.

In the video, a man in blue sweatshirt can be seen running on a treadmill before deciding to take off his hoodie. Unfortunately, his hoodie wasn’t that easy to take off.


He must have missed a step and was thrown off the treadmill. He managed to take it off eventually, while kneeling on the floor where he fell.


I’m shocked that nobody actually stopped what they were doing to see if he was fine. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as it looked but we live in a cold society.

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